Issue 6 - To Tell the Story

Storytellers are the weavers of dreams!


What does it mean to tell a story? It’s something we do all the time, but how often do we really think about it? It could be a simple tale explaining the days events, or one in particular. Or even a potent memory from our past. But we tell it. We weave it.

We give it character, and intention. We make it worth the listen. Because it is engrained in our very natures. We are storytelling beings. It is part of the very fabric of the history of our civilization.

And when we participate in it, we are taking part in that rich tradition that has kept humanity afloat and informed since the beginning. It was how our cultures, our histories thrived and were handed down. Through stories.

It is a passion that drives so many of us. To tell the story. And that is what brings us here today.


image for our crowdfunding campaign that has launched to make a Stephen King short

Once upon a time, a young preteen Rob struck an agreement with his parents, in their attempt to foster in him an interest in, and make a habit of, reading. He was told that he would have to read for a predetermined amount of time each day.

But as the flipside of that, he would be allowed to choose from any of the books shelved there within the house. No matter what it was. That was when the child first picked up a King. And that day would change him forever.

Fast-forward some decades since that moment, and that child has long been telling stories of his own. He has stood in front of the fires, facing down the flames, weaving. Tales told in rhythms, and ground in rhyme.

Poetic realism was the style he unknowingly embraced, spinning his yarns within its waters, always with a sense of magic and wonder engaged. And usually edged in a darkness.

Be they supernatural or not, tales of terror were a regular partner popping up on his dance card. And it all began when he first picked up that King. He was the first writer I remember wanting to, and trying to, emulate their style.

And now here we are…


a still from our video where Rob points out the tattoo on his arm dedicated to King

When I landed this opportunity, and took a chance submitting a proposal to acquire one of the Dollar Baby rights contracts, it still felt like a very abstract, far-out concept. Not even remotely real. I mean, it’s Stephen King!

But when I got confirmation that it was approved and I had the greenlight to put pen to paper, I was floored. It was a dream. The chance to take on this short story at the end of the Everything’s Eventual collection, was well, everything!

And the inspiration flowed! Within a couple of days, I had the story adapted and ready to start getting eyes on it. What started as “Luckey Quarter” a 10-page tale set in Nevada, had become E is for Expiation a 43-page script set in Colorado.

Darlene Pullen, the main character of the story is left a supposedly “luckey” quarter as a tip, and when her luck begins to suddenly turn, well, a wild night lies in wait. And I even brought a touch of “be careful what you wish for” to the story.

But it wasn’t long before I was beginning to feel a bit like Darlene myself. I had this amazingly lucky thing happening, but there was a sudden air of tension and uncertainty surrounding it.

Could this actually be a dream realized? Would we be able to pull this off? I am well versed at this point in the art of writing for what I know I can achieve, but there were elements of this story that it wouldn’t work without, and that I was not completely sure how we could bring them to life from off the page.

When I showed the script to Travis Eckland (We’re Watching, Duck Rabbit, ART) he was much more certain that this was all within our reach. If we could raise some funds to make it happen. Which was never my strong suit.

But we knew we didn’t want to let that stand in our way. We wanted to make it happen and take full advantage of this amazing opportunity.

And now here we are…

our Meet the Cast & Crew social graphic for Travis


As of yesterday, the campaign was live and we kicked off this mad dash towards production this Spring! We are hoping to pull together a whopping $20K to get this done properly.

And I am stepping out of my comfort zone completely to make this film happen right. So I am begging and borrowing all that we can, and at every opportunity for the next month, to get the film all the support it needs, and deserves.

Because I believe in us. I believe in this project. And I believe that dreams do come true. For we are the weavers of tales and the makers of dreams. We are the storytellers. It’s what we do.

Won’t you help us tell this story? To live this dream and make it real?


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